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Online Dress Shopping in Pakistan with Payment on Delivery Option:

With the rise of online shopping trends, almost every fashion house has opened their digital store for online dress shopping in Pakistan. Small or big, every designer is aiming to capture the virtual market and some stores are totally relying on online business and skipping the physical presence of their store. All top dress brands in Pakistan are offering discounts, promotions, and contests to increase their social engagement and gain customers online. With all the hype and increasing demand, we can assume that the online shopping trend is here to stay. 

For garments being the biggest industry, consumers have a variety of choices when it comes to dress in Pakistan. Cultural and fashion trends from around the globe have a huge customer base here. Diversity in dressing preferences such as eastern & western wear, allows clothing brands to experiment with their collections. But like any other industry, this online market also has its own pros and cons. The cases of sending substandards and fake products for online orders is a common scenario now. Due to that, people mostly prefer established brands and cash on delivery services. For business to be successful in online dress shopping in Pakistan, payment on delivery service is a must. 

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One of the major reasons that Cash on delivery service is the basic requirement for any online business is fake and low quality products being delivered through online dress shopping. The consumers hardly trust advanced payment demands as the social media is flooded with such scam-stories where the businesses ghosts you after taking payment and never send the products. Despite all this, the graph of online shopping has gone up in the previous years and the practice is still very popular due to ease and convenience. Stores selling Pakistani clothes for women in malls, shops or anywhere have admitted that their marketing graph and brand awareness has increased due to their digital presence and that has surely affected the in-house sales as well. 

Online dress shopping is very popular around the globe and in this article, we are going to analyze the reasons and risks involved in this. Let’s have a look at the positive side first.

Benefits of shopping online:

Ease & Convenience:

The ease of exploring as many brands as you want, without having to leave your seat is the top reason to promote online shopping. The customers can visit several pages/websites at the same time, have a look at multiple options and take as much time as they want to make a decision. Let’s admit that girls need time to choose the perfect outfit for themselves, which is conveniently possible in case of online shopping. Taking friend’s approval is easy, comparing multiple options is feasible and that makes it a favorite hobby of many ladies. 

Guilt-free shopping:

In the virtual world, there are no judgements or guilt of leaving a store without buying anything. This makes it trouble-free to explore hundreds of your favorite brands and choose the perfect dress with complete freedom. Virtual window shopping is fun and the best time-killing activity for a lot of women and in most cases they end up buying at least one or two products as no number of dresses is ever enough for any woman. 

Time saving:

Going to the market for shopping definitely consumes time and energy. Especially during hot summer days, shopping seems like a punishment instead of a fun activity. On the other hand, shopping online saves you a lot of time and you can visit more stores in less time. You can discover new and old options even while sitting in your house, office or wherever. 

Budget-friendly options:

As we mentioned earlier, many businesses are only selling through ecommerce stores instead of having physical outlets. These are small startups with a lot of creativity.Unlike big brands, they don’t charge you for their name and offer equally good quality and styles at reasonable prices. You will also find hundreds of replica houses online which sell A-class copies of designer dresses at half prices. So it won’t be wrong to say that online shopping is a very budget-friendly exposure to lots of good quality providers.

Risks in online shopping:

With all the ease and pros, online shopping also has a lot of scam-stories associated with it. People often complain about how unreliable and risky it is. Let’s have a look at possible hazards and how we can avoid them, in shopping online.

Fake products:

The top most risk is getting low quality and fake products instead of what you ordered. The small online stores are often heard doing such scams and avoiding them is also hard as they don’t have a physical shop. 

Sellers ghosting clients:

Many online sellers take advance payments and never send the ordered products. They ghost their clients when they try to approach them and blocking them from their digital pages is also very common. 

Identity theft:

While placing an online order, giving your personal information, such as mobile number, names, address etc is required. Some fraud stores have been caught misusing or selling their customer’s details to marketing agencies and phishing sites. 

How to avoid these threats: 

Online shopping could be risky but the benefits definitely over powers the negative points. For that reason, here are some precautions you can take to avoid being scammed and take complete advantage of this modern facility:

Seller reviews: All online marketplaces allow customers to add their feedback about the seller and their experience with them. Always check the customer reviews before buying anything from an online store for the first time. 

Exchange and return policy: Have a keen eye at the exchange and return policy of the store you’re ordering from in case the products don’t turn out to be what you expected. This policy allows you to exchange low quality products within a certain time period. It also gives legal rights to the customer if the seller blocks them from their store.

Buying from trusted sellers: It is highly recommended that one should always choose a reliable and trusted seller for online shopping. For any new seller, check the customer reviews, order a cheap product for first experience and see their Facebook and LinkedIn engagement to decide if the seller has an active and running store with maximum positive reviews. 


Choosing the trustworthy stores and sellers online will save you from bad experiences. Other than that, Cash On Delivery policy also prevents online scams as you can check the quality of products before paying. is one such reliable online store, providing quality products and latest designs at reasonable prices. Visit their website and check out their collection.