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Dhanak DH02


Classy Unstitched 3pc: Embroidered Dhanak “linen Leather” with Velvet Plachi Shawl

3 Meter Embroidered Dhanak Shirt
2.5 Meter Velvet Plachi Shawl
2.5 Meter Plain Dhanak Trouser


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Sold Out!


This unstitched Chikoo Dhannak 3pc set that comes with blue and skin embroidery is stylish and sophisticated. A 3meter embroidered shirt comes with a 2.5-meter Velvet Plachi shawl and a 2.5-meter plain trouser are included in this set. This dress exemplifies elegance on a whole new level. Please hurry, be swift, and get your hands on this dress as soon as possible!


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