Women Trouser Design


Latest Trouser Design for Ladies

For Pakistani women being obsessed with clothing and the latest fashion trends, this never-ending craze took a lot of creative turns lately. With plenty of styling and designing experiments with shirts, the trousers have also been equally focused. The latest trouser designs of 2021 for ladies are a true depiction of the creative and artistic minds of women. From simple shalwar to straight trousers, capris, bell-bottoms and embroidered sides, the options for designing a simple piece of fabric are unlimited. In this blog, we are going to have a look at what’s new in ladies trouser designs 2021 and how you can make these at home for yourself.

In every Eastern wear, trousers are the major part of any formal or informal dress code. The style depends on the shirts paired with them. The fabric is also kept soft and of the kind that would give it a straight shape. Loose fabrics are less likely to be used for making ladies trouser, such as silk is popular for making shirts and dupattas, but silk trousers will not give a straight and fitted look so they are not very commonly made. The latest trouser design for ladies mostly includes embroidery at the bottom or pop-up color fabrics on the side. Printed trousers are also in fashion nowadays.

Latest Trouser Design 2021

Keeping in mind that the trouser’s shape and style are mainly synced with the style of shirt, the most popular designs are as follows:

Straight trousers:

These trousers are simple and straight in shape. These trousers are common with almost every type of shirt, such as long shirts, short kurtis, or even with froks. Straight trousers are easy to make and look very elegant.     Also, they can be stitched in any kind of fabric very easily, most preferably cotton or lawn. These are the best choice for daily wear for being comfortable and breathable. Just add a little lace or button at the lowers cuffs and these are good to go with any casual dress.

Bell Bottom: 

These trousers were very popular back in the day but suddenly disappeared from the limelight. But in 2021, bell bottoms are back in trend and are worn with long kurtis and shirts. These trousers have a bell-like shape at the bottom and look very classy in chiffon or cotton fabric as these fabrics give it the proper fall and shape. Bell bottoms are also a good match with short frocks and the trend was very popular in previous years also. Give it a try and see how perfectly they complement each other.

Embroidered trousers:

The embroidered fabric was once associated with shirts and shawls only. But for the last 2,3 years, people have been wearing fully embroidered trousers as well. These trousers are mostly made with fancy fabric for formal dressing, such as embroidered silk, chiffon, or even cotton. These are paired with minimally designed shirts for formal wearing and with equally embellished shirts for fancy events like weddings etc. Although these trousers are new in trend, these are gaining popularity very rapidly and ladies are loving wearing these at various events. 

Printed trousers:

Printed trousers have become a massive trend lately. Many celebrities, influencers, common people were seen wearing digitally printed trousers, mostly with plain simple shirts or matching prints. The trend got a lot of hype and is still very popular among teenagers and college students. This pair might not look good for a formal gathering but are very reasonable for casual looks. Straight lines, block prints, check prints, and colorful patterns were seen to be the top choices.

Sharara pants:

Shararas are a tradition that goes back to the time of our great grandparents. Ladies of all times have been wearing these and they’ve still managed to keep their charm alive. Although these pants give a wedding-y vibe, there was a time when cotton shararas were very popular for regular wear as well. In 2021, the trend has minimized a little and these are still seen as a wedding dress code with short shirts and dupatta. These pants give an instant boost to the whole look and are very elegant and formal.


Body-hugging leggings are also very popularly paired with kurtis nowadays. Just a single pair of them looks good with almost every casual kurti and can be worn for an everyday casual look. Black tights are the most popular in this category as they look good with every color. Mostly paired with ankle-length kameez, these leggings are still popular in 2021. 

Cigarette pants:

These pants are a refined form of shalwar with a little embellishment on them. These pants are casual wear, paired with short kurti-style shirts. This style gained a lot of popularity in 2019 but is now vanishing from every fashion magazine and store’s closets. Back in the day, when these were very popular, the style looked very chic and was worn by almost every celebrity. 

Pajama pants:

As the name suggests, these trousers are more like pajamas. Very loosely fitted and straight in shape. Despite being informal, these are very popular for summer styling as they don’t suffocate the body and are very comfortable in wearing. 


Capris are also making room in top fashion magazines with long frocks and shirts. These are very much like straight trousers, just a little shorter in length. Made with cotton or lawn fabric, these are again becoming popular among ladies in 2021 for being very stylish yet comfortable. 


No trend in Pakistan and sustained for more than a season. Pakistani women are quite experimental and creative when it comes to designing their own clothes. This is the reason for an increasing number of online small businesses, offering the latest designs and styles, at relatively lesser prices than the bigger brands. With so many options being available only for trousers, we can conclude that Pakistani women are not at all behind in the race of Fashion.